War Memorials – Laverton Honour Board

World War I Honour Board
(Old Laverton Primary School)

“Deeds that should not go unnoticed, Names that must not be forgotten”


The content of these pages take us back to a time when not only were the townships of Laverton and Altona still at their early beginnings, but also at a time of turmoil where existed in the world like never before. Whilst we have enjoyed learning more about those who willingly stood up to serve their country and the empire, their stories have also highlighted the incredible suffering that they must have endured during their time abroad, in the midst of such a terrible conflict. Their stories have given us a heightened level of respect for these people and a sense how the ‘community spirit’ that exists today came about across our district.

The material contained in this publication is a result of the contribution of the members of the Altona-Laverton Historical Society who contributed knowledge, images, background, research, editing, and encouragement.

The building currently known as ‘The Old Laverton School’, originally the Laverton State School, was a recruitment point for those wishing to enlist during World War 1 and a meeting venue for locals of that time. Laverton was a small farming community, when war was declared in 1914 and the local men were eager to enlist. During the war period 26 local men volunteered for active service abroad. For its population, as noted in the Werribee Banner (20 December 1917), ‘the whole Shire had responded splendidly to the call of the mother country’ and a greater percentage of men claimed Laverton as their home or enlisted from there than any other place the same size.

The honor board was made by F K Cox & Co and was unveiled on 24 October 1922 by the Director of Education, Mr F Tate. The unveiling was marked with some ceremony and was attended by many influential people of the time. The board lists, on the left-hand side, those who had attended the school, whilst of the right-hand side, those who were or had been residents of the district. In fact, whilst the Honor Board contains the names of 26 men, another five could have quite rightly also been listed on this Board. Their names will be included on these pages alongside their mates and brothers.

The Laverton School was chosen as it was the hub of this close knit community that covered by Laverton and Altona or Altona Bay as it was then known. The board remains within the School building to this day, some 97 years after it was constructed and unveiled. Like so many similar boards that can be found in many public buildings, churches, halls and work places, these boards were important to post war society. Not only do they serve as a reminder of sacrifices made but are also a permanent memorial to a time, but not a memory, long past. Whilst a large number of those named on the board returned wounded, Alfred ‘Lin’ Newland was the only, volunteer from the district, to make the supreme sacrifice and not return home to his family.

The menu, on the right, list the names of each of the twenty-six young men listed on the honour board and their stories. Following these are the names and stories of five others who served and were either born or living in the Laverton or Altona Bay area and who, for what ever reasons, were not included on the honour board but their stories still deserve to be included here.

Surname First Name Second Name Regimental Number Age Enlistment Date
Rayner Ernest Moss 2363 17 12/11/1912
Baldwin Richard Joseph 3146 17 16/06/1913
Newland James Ernest 2 33 17/08/1914
Newland William Andrew 483 34 19/08/1914
Newland Herbert Leslie 1537 23 1/09/1914
Eaton Gilbert Leslie 151 25 11/02/1915
Cason Robert James 4488 31 17/02/1915
Cameron William Duncan 583 18 19/02/1915
Newland Alfred Lindsay 656 20 19/02/1915
Peacock Ernest William 675 19 19/02/1915
Grant Kenneth 4537 36 20/02/1915
Grant George Norman 9584 21 8/03/1915 & 19/02/1918
Warwick David 2680 23 9/06/1915
Hyde Albert Victor 2739 22 2/07/1915
Duke George Thomas 4003 24 12/07/1915
McPherson Alexander Stephen 2705B 18 12/07/1915
McPherson Arthur William 2706 20 12/07/1915
Maher William Joseph 2410 25 15/07/1915
Cameron Alexander Ronald 58 21 15/01/1916
Hyde Edward Ernest 1306 22 15/01/1916
White Henry Stewartson 22028 19 17/01/1916
Rayner James 4765 34 12/02/1916
Mossop John 5715 35 6/03/1916
McDonald Donald 5959 28 27/03/1916
Casey Richard Joseph 531 22 4/07/1916
White Arthur 34118 18 10/10/1916
Wells Arthur 648 22 16/10/1916
Cameron John Alexander 6775A 25 11/12/1916
Maher Bernard 3348 19 17/02/1917
Rhoades Harry Huntington 3359 31 18/10/1917
Peacock Alfred Henry 72604 19 21/06/1918
Surname First Name Second Name Regimental Number Embarkment Details
Baldwin Richard Joseph 3146 HMAS Melbourne
Rayner Ernest Moss 2363 HMAS Sydney
Newland James Ernest 2 HMAT A2 Geelong on 20 October 1914
Newland Herbert Leslie 1537 HMAT A27 Southern on 20 October 1914
Duke George Thomas 4003 HMAT A69 Warilda on 8 February 1915
Newland William Andrew 483 HMAT A16 Star Of Victoria on 25 February 1915
Grant Kenneth 4537 HMAT A14 Euripides on 10 May 1915
Cameron William Duncan 583 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 10 May 1915
Cason Robert James 4488 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 10 May 1915
Eaton Gilbert Leslie 151 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 10 May 1915
Newland Alfred Lindsay 656 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 10 May 1915
Peacock Ernest William 675 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 10 May 1915
Warwick David 2680 HMAT A68 Anchises on 26 August 1915
Hyde Albert Victor 2739 SS Makarini on 15 September 1915
Maher William Joseph 2410 RMS Osterley on 29 September 1915
McPherson Alexander Stephen 2705B HMAT A38 Ulysses on 27 October 1915
McPherson Arthur William 2706 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 27 October 1915
Rayner James 4765 HMAT A14 Euripides on 4 April 1916
White Henry Stewartson 22028 HMAT A7 Medic on 20 May 1916
Hyde Edward Ernest 1306  HMAT A11 Ascanius on 27 May 1916
Cameron Alexander Ronald 58 HMAT A11 Ascanius on 27 May 1916
McDonald Donald 5959 HMAT A71 Nestor on 2 Oct 1916
Casey Richard Joseph 531 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 25 October 1916
Wells Arthur 648 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 25 October 1916
White Arthur 34118 HMAT A11 Ascanius on 11 May 1917
Maher Bernard 3348 HMAT A17 Port Lincoln on 22 June 1917
Cameron John Alexander 6775A  HMAT A71 Nestor on 21 November 1917
Rhoades Harry Huntington 3359 HMAT A38 Ulysses on 22 December 1917
Grant George Norman 9584 HMAT A71 Nestor on 28 February 1918
Mossop John 5715 Did not leave Australia
Peacock Alfred Henry 72604 Did not leave Australia
Surname First Name Second Name Regimental Number Unit Rank
Newland Herbert Leslie 1537 Field Artillery Brigade 2, Brigade Ammunition Column Bombardier
Newland James Ernest 2 12th Battalion Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant
Hyde Albert Victor 2739 14th Battalion Private
Eaton Gilbert Leslie 151 21st Battalion, ‘A’ Company Private
Cameron John Alexander 6775A 22nd Battalion Private
Duke George Thomas 4003 22nd Battalion Private
Cameron William Duncan 583 22nd Battalion, ‘C’ Company Private
Newland Alfred Lindsay 656 22nd Battalion, ‘C’ Company Private
Peacock Ernest William 675 22nd Battalion, ‘C’ Company Private
Cason Robert James 4488 22nd Battalion, ‘D’ Company Private
McDonald Donald 5959 23rd Battalion Private
Rayner James 4765 23rd Battalion Private
Grant Kenneth 4537 23rd Battalion, ‘B’ Company Private
White Henry Stewartson 22028 23rd Howitzer Brigade Gunner
Maher William Joseph 2410 24th Battalion Private
McPherson Alexander Stephen 2705B 24th Battalion Private
McPherson Arthur William 2706 25th Battalion Private
Grant George Norman 9584 2nd Tunnelling Company Sapper
Rhoades Harry Huntington 3359 38th Battalion Private
White Arthur 34118 38th Battalion Driver
Cameron Alexander Ronald 58 39th Battalion, ‘A’ Company Private
Hyde Edward Ernest 1306 39th Battalion, Machine Gun Section Private
Warwick David 2680 7th Battalion Private
Mossop John 5715 7th Battalion Private
Maher Bernard 3348 8th Light Horse Regiment Private
Newland William Andrew 483 8th Light Horse Regiment, Machine Gun Section Sergeant
Casey Richard Joseph 531 Aust Flying Corps, No 2 Squandron Private
Wells Arthur 648 Aust Flying Corps, No 2 Squandron Private
Peacock Alfred Henry 72604 Recruit Depot Private
Baldwin Richard Joseph 3146 Royal Australian Navy Ordinary Seaman II
Rayner Ernest Moss 2363 Royal Australian Navy Ordinary Seaman II
Surname First Name Second Name Regimental Number Fate
Baldwin Richard Joseph 3146 Served 7 years in Navy until 1920
Cameron Alexander Ronald 58 Returned to Australia 27 June 1919
Cameron John Alexander 6775A Returned to Australia 14 January 1919
Cameron William Duncan 583 Returned to Australia 2 January 1919
Casey Richard Joseph 531 Returned to Australia 6 May 1919
Cason Robert James 4488 Returned to Australia 9 March 1919
Duke George Thomas 4003 Returned to Australia 3 March 1918
Eaton Gilbert Leslie 151 Returned to Australia 9 March 1919
Grant George Norman 9584 Returned to Australia 6 October 1919
Grant Kenneth 4537 Discharged in London, returned to home in Scotland
Hyde Albert Victor 2739 Returned to Australia 31 December 1917
Hyde Edward Ernest 1306 Returned to Australia 9 March 1919
Maher Bernard 3348 Returned to Australia 3 July 1919
Maher William Joseph 2410 Returned to Australia 21 July 1917
McDonald Donald 5959 Returned to Australia 27 February 1919
McPherson Alexander Stephen 2705B Returned to Australia 28 March 1919
McPherson Arthur William 2706 Returned to Australia 5 April 1918
Mossop John 5715 Remained in Australia
Newland Alfred Lindsay 656 Killed in Action 8 November 1916, A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers, France
Newland Herbert Leslie 1537 Returned to Australia 23 October 1918
Newland James Ernest 2 Returned to Australia 21 July 1917
Newland William Andrew 483 Returned to Australia 5 July 1915
Peacock Alfred Henry 72604 Remained in Australia
Peacock Ernest William 675 Returned to Australia 4 June 1919
Rayner Ernest Moss 2363 Served 7 years in Navy until 1919
Rayner James 4765 Returned to Australia 14 June 1919
Rhoades Harry Huntington 3359 Returned to Australia 20 July 1919
Warwick David 2680 Returned to Australia 28 March 1919
Wells Arthur 648 Returned to Australia 22 February 1917
White Arthur 34118 Returned to Australia 25 July 1919
White Henry Stewartson 22028 Returned to Australia 8 September 1919

The material contained in this publication is a result of the contribution of the members of the Altona-Laverton Historical Society who contributed knowledge, images, background, research, editing, proof reading and encouragement.

These included Ann Cassar, Ann Camilleri, Graeme Reilly, Robert Hawkins and Jim Hevey. We acknowledge the images provided to the Historical Society by Rob Newland on James Newland, William Newland, Alfred Newland, Herbert Newland, Ernest Peacock and William Cameron, and Glen Hyde on Abert Victor Hyde. We acknowledge a large number of images relating to various Battalions within WWI are courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.

Where mention is made of ‘ancestery.com’, this site was utilised to review electoral roll records, birth, marriage and death records, which were verified with the Births, Deaths and Marriage Victoria records.