About the Altona Laverton Historical Society Inc

The Altona Historical Society was formed in 1961, incorporated in 1996 and in 2000, was amalgamated with the Laverton Historical Society to form the Altona-Laverton Historical Society Inc.

Its aim is to encourage the study of the history of Altona and Laverton area through the acquisition of relevant objects, photographs, information and archive material, making these available to members and the community for their research. It also aims to remain relevant to the community by providing information and education on historical and current issues of the area.

Over the past ten years, the society has increased its membership and now includes long term residents, newly arrived residents who want to know more about the Altona area and junior members.

We would also like our collection to be more accessible to the community for research purposes.

Our current areas of research are covered within our Newsletters https://alhs.com.au/our-society/past-newsletters/.

The society has also started to host a number of events at the homestead and in the park including ghost tours organised by Lantern Ghost Tours and visits by many clubs and schools.

Upcoming events can be found under Events https://alhs.com.au/.

The Altona Homestead Museum has an extensive collection of photographs and documents through which visitors can gain an understanding and feel for local community life experienced in the past.

In the future we would like to collect local family histories through this website.

We would also like to use our website as a place for the community to preserve and display their experiences and knowledge of the history of Altona and surrounding areas.

Statement of Purpose

  • To encourage the study of local history, especially related to Altona.
  • To acquire either by purchase or donation and preserve for the use of the society, all such objects and materials as may be considered by the committee to have a relationship to the history of Altona.
  • Establish and furnish an historical library, museum and picture gallery.
  • To preserve or assist in the preservation of historical landmarks of Altona.
  • To accept gifts of money or chattels whether testamentary or otherwise and if necessary or advisable to perform, execute or adopt any conditions or trusts attached to such gifts.
  • To promote interchange of information among members of the society by lectures, readings, discussions, excursions, and exhibitions of objects of historical significance.
  • To print, publish and circulate such journals, periodicals, books and other literary publications as may seem conducive to any of these objects.
  • Generally to do all such acts and deeds to further the aims and purpose of the society.

Committee of Management 2023/24

Kim Reilly

Vice President:

Graeme Reilly

Jim Hevey

Members Ordinary:
Ann Cassar

Formal Volunteer Roles 2023/24

Tuesday Open Days:
Graeme Kerss, Ann Cassar, Jim Hevey

Historical Research:
Ann Cassar, Jim Hevey, Graeme Reilly

Website Team:
Graeme Reilly, Adam Virgona, Michelle Yu

Newsletter Editor:
Jim Hevey

Meeting Dates 2023/24

Committee Meetings (10am at the Homestead)

Next Committee Meeting is TBA

Volunteer Celebration: TBA

AGM 2024: TBA