The Pioneers

From a handful of people between 1915 and 1920, both Altona and Laverton’s population have grown and both suburbs have prospered. One reason for our growth and development was the hard work, enthusiasm and community spirit shown by our pioneers. These pioneers were noted for their large-hearted liberality, their beneficent hospitality and kindly disposition to all without distinction, and many of the institutions of our town owe much of their early prosperity and success to the fostering care of these gentlemen and women who, undoubtedly, wielded no small influence throughout the district.

Socially, if not politically, they were looked up to and respected as the leaders of society, and it was only proper and fitting that this should be so. They had seen this place as it was in its original wild and desolate state; for years they had lived in a semi-barbarous condition, with no society, and few, if any, of the comforts or conveniences of civilised life. Few of us living here today ever stop to think of all the hard work and many hours spent by these pioneers in trying to make Altona and Laverton a better place and giving us so much of what we take for granted today.

As more and more people become interested in tracking down particular family histories, as well as the history of our local area, our members felt the need to post information on the pioneer families that have come to light during our research activities.

As time goes on will will add more details of this families and their contribution to Altona, Laverton and the surrounding area.