Morris G McDonald Oval

Morris G McDonald Oval

WLJ Croft Reserve, Blackshaws Road, North Altona

The Oval 1 at the WLJ Crofts Reserve is the Morris G McDonald Oval named after and recognising one of the founding members of the Altona North Cricket Club. The club originally played at Hatt Reserve in Williamstown Beach and was then known as the Kororoit Stars Cricket Club. In the early 1960’s Morris McDonald facilitated the move from Hatt Reserve (which was a synthetic wicket) to the turf wicket now known as Greenwich Reserve on The Strand.

When the club began to struggle for members and players Morris McDonald made the commitment to pay the club’s affiliation fees until they could recruit more players and get back on their feet. Morris lobbied the City of Altona for the club to move to Altona North. In 1972 the club moved to Langshaw Reserve and became known as the Altona North Cricket Club. Morris McDonald was President of the club from 1972 to 1988

Morris’s vision was to develop a sporting complex where cricket and football could successfully co-exist on a larger scale. He identified that the Altona North region had the potential for more cricket teams – men’s, women’s and juniors and that they could be all accommodated at the WLJ Crofts Reserve.

For his contribution to the cricket club Morris McDonald was award Life Membership.

Information provided from the Altona North Cricket Club website accessed 20 Aug 2018.

Research by: Graeme Reilly (2018)