Letter to Altona Star seeking Endorsement as Councillor for Shire of Altona

The Altona Shire Pictorial was an eight page newspaper published in 1957, prior to the first
council elections for the newly created Shire of Altona, to be held on Saturday, 11 May 1957.
The newspaper focussed on the development of the Altona township and the forthcoming council
elections including letters from the candidates on why they should be elected. HC Kim was one of
those candidates and the following is his letter from page six:

Mr HC Kim

Dear Sir,

I am again honoured that I have been requested by many Altona ratepayers to extend
myself as a candidate for the new Shire of Altona’s first election on Saturday, May 11.
The experience I have gained during the four years as your representative on the Werribee
council has made me capable of handling your affairs to the best advantage, which I would advise
should be the first consideration of the electors in formulating the new nine member council who
will be placed with the task of making Altona the shire you, the ratepayers, would like it to be.

My policy is defined as follows:

Work in General

The work already carried out in Altona has only touched on the development necessary to
make Altona the model shire. We are progressive with efficient and capable officers and council

Town planning, a necessity, has deleted some shop sites in Seaholme and West Newport.
Intellectual handling for their restoration to fulfil the requirement of each area must be given as
well as the making of High Street, Station Street, Garden Grove, Beach Street and the east end of
Queen Street with paths and channelling entrance. Improving the entrance of the Seaholme
railway station.


The development of our own hospital which is situated in an ideal position close to beach,
central with plenty of room for expansion necessary to cope with all the requirements of our
growing shire; to a public institution with every modern equipment and to such proportions and
beauty as to make every resident of our new shire of 14.5 square miles and surrounding districts
proud of it and willing to help in its welfare.

Railway and Transport

Representation to the proper authorities to get through trains a better service. Also the
extension of the line to provide a new station in our western area must be a foremost object of the
new council. But transport for all areas must be developed for all parts of the new shire which will
help residents not now so provided.


The health of Altona depends on an efficient sewerage system being installed in our area
as soon as possible and will depend on the strongest pressure being brought to bear on the
MMBW to grant sewerage to our new shire. I will support every move for such development.


Representation to be undertaken to the Vacuum Oil Co and the Gas and Fuel Board to
have gas mains extended to Altona. This would be a boon to housewives.


The Chamber of Commerce (Altona Branch) needs to approach the Chief Commissioner,
Mr Porter, with a view of getting 24 hour police station which would require about four men
stationed at Altona.


Many areas need drainage urgently and the new councillors will be faced with this problem
immediately, as West Newport wants a drainage scheme to cost in the vicinity of £25,000. Also at
Brooklyn and another from the state school, Altona, westward to the Mulga Street drain and all
the land surrounding the Mulga Street drain at Linnett Street.

Electors residing locally who have reason to believe that on polling day, Saturday, May 11,
1957 they will be more than five miles from the nearest polling booth, or any elector who is ill or
any invalid may apply for a postal vote by ringing ML8681 (working hours), or ML8952 (after

Cars will take you to and from the polling booth (ring the above numbers) and a car will
pick you up to vote and return you to your house.
I take this opportunity of wishing the new shire every success and may it ever prosper.

Yours sincerely,
HC Kim


  1. Altona Star Suppliment 1957

Research by: Ann Cassar (ALHS 2019)