City Of Altona

After 11 short years of growth as a Shire, during which an Elderly Citizens’ Centre, a Library and Branch, a number of Infant Welfare Centres and Kindergartens, a dental service, and the new Civic Offices as well as many other services were established, Altona was declared a City on December 21, 1968. Cr. W. L. J. Crofts was installed as its first Mayor, and Mr. J. W. Waters, who had been Altona’s first Shire Secretary, became Altona’s first Town Clerk. The first council included Crs Patrick Aloysius Burns, Charles Walter Carlsson, William Leslie Joseph Crofts, John Joseph Ginifer, Douglas Keith Grant, Patrick Joseph Lynch, Raymond Kevin Richards, John Ian Stewart and Harry Weaver.

Altona became the 39th City in the Melbourne metropolitan area and it left behind its honoured association with the Shires of Melbourne where although it was one of the smallest in area it was the wealthiest Shire.

The Proclamation ceremony was lead by the Governor of Victoria, Sir Rohan Delacombe and attended by the Honourable R J Hamer, then Minister for Local Government.

The following article appeared in the Altona Star (18 December 1968, page 1)

The Altona Star extends its felicitations to the Council and people of Altona on the occasion of the inauguration of the City of Altona. Throughout the years the Altona Star has witnessed the growth and progress of the Shire and its institutions. In that development many have shared. The foresight and perseverance of the early pioneers, the initiative and self giving service of its leaders, the achievements of industry and the unanimity of its people have under Providence made Altona. Every citizen of Altona can have pride and satisfaction in Altona and bright hopes for its future. Each of Altona’s young people can be happy in the knowledge that he or she will not only see the birth of a city, but also have some part in its growth. The past has assured Altona’s present accession to City status. Its future is in the hands of its citizens and their children.

Those who served as Councillors during the years of the City of Altona are listed below:

Councillor Elected Retired Mayor
Cr J J Ginifer 27.8.60 1.3.69
Cr W L J Crofts 26.2.66 22.6.94 68/69 76/77 84/85 92/93
Cr P A Burns 26.8.67 25.8.73 69/70
Cr D K Grant 26.8.67 6.8.88 70/71 77/78 85/86
Cr P J Lynch 26.8.67 28.8.76 71/72
Cr H Weaver 16.12.67 24.8.74 72/73
Cr C W Carlsson 4.5.68 24.8.74
Cr R K Richards 24.8.68 27.8.77 73/74
Cr J I Stewart 24.8.68 27.8.77 74/75
Cr R F Harrison 1.3.69 30.8.69
Cr W H Sommers 30.8.69 22.6.94 75/76 81/82 89/90
Cr A B Shaw 25.8.73 22.6.94 78/79 86/87
Cr W E Hubble 24.8.74 7.8.93
Cr S J Clement 24.8.74 22.6.94 87/88 79/80
Cr D N Duane 28.8.76 22.6.94 80/81 88/89 93/94
Cr H D Graham 27.8.77 1.8.92 82/83 90/91
Cr G J Hosken 27.8.77 22.6.94 83/84 91/92
Cr P D Smith 6.8.88 3.8.91
Cr G A Burnnard 3.8.91 22.6.94
Cr G J Murdoch 1.8.92 22.6.94
Cr T Xuereb 7.8.93 22.6.94


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Research by: Ann Cassar and Graeme Reilly (ALHS)