The mystery of the Langhorne Grave in WIlliamstown

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April 18, 2021
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June 4, 2021
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The mystery of the Langhorne Grave in WIlliamstown

The Langhorne grave within the Williamstown cemetery holds a mystery that has only been revealed with a member of our society decided to look into the condition of both the Langhorne graves and their headstones.

The unfortunate Sarah was interred in a grave in Williamstown Cemetery. Using a double plot, the grave was bordered with carved bluestone supporting a low iron fence on all sides, and a tall regal monument suitably inscribed placed at the head of the grave.

Therein lies one of the mysteries. On the headstone for Sarah, is also an inscription detailing the life of their daughter, Alice Mary Anne Langhorne, who had died 10 years earlier in Brighton, England in 1861 aged only 13. It is clear to see that the details for both lives were engraved on the headstone at the same time, which raised the question, was Alice actually buried there, or was this simply a memorial to the young life lost?

Our research is to solve this mystery has now been extended across to England to see whether members of the Langhorne family can identify if young Alice was buried alongside other family members either in Brighton or elsewhere. We will report further as more details come to hand.