Presidents Message – June 2019

Happy ‘100’, City of Williamstown
April 12, 2019
Lost Lands Found
June 4, 2019

Hello members and friends of Altona-Laverton Historical Society,

As we head towards the end of June and the end of another year for our Committee I thought it would be timely to reflect on the great work that has been achieved by the Committee and active members.

This year we have continued our objective to ‘connect with the community’ and we are achieving well beyond our expectations. We have had more people pass through the Homestead, on our Devonshire Tea Sundays and being involved in Tours, than ever before. Our Website and Facebook page audiences are increasing every month with great feedback on our posts and the information we are publishing and posting. We are now being asked more about the history of Altona and Laverton, the pioneers of our area and key events that took place in our neighbouring suburbs.

Our members have produced two great publications that have been well received by the community and have involved people from across Hobsons Bay in the research and writing of these publications. We have been actively involved with our local council and local industries to jointly display history that is both relevant and interesting to the community and we have supported many events in Logan Reserve by ensuring that the Homestead is open to the public during these times.

Our Devonshire Tea Sundays have enabled us to recruit a great team of volunteers who tirelessly support the Historical Society each month and enable our small number of members to talk to visitors about our Society, the Homestead and Altona & Laverton. We have also supported two other local Community Groups to raise funds for local charities by devoting two Devonshire Tea days through the year so that we can support others as they have supported us.

As we head into the AGM in August, the Committee is looking for your support to ensure that we continue the great work of this and previous committees in promoting our Society, the Homestead and the recording and publishing of local history to ensure that it is not lost and to ensure that our children and new comers to Altona and Laverton know more about our wonderful suburbs.

Hoping you are all well and staying clear of the winter ills and chills.

Kim Reilly (President)