Happy ‘100’, City of Williamstown

The Repatriation “Bringing them Home” 1919 to 2019
April 11, 2019
Presidents Message – June 2019
June 1, 2019

As we lead up to the 17 May 2019 we reflect back 100 years when Williamstown grew from a town to a city. Sir Arthur Stanley, the State Governor, when proclaiming Williamstown as a City (17 May 1919) noted that – “their town (so long famous as William’s Town) to be raised to the higher dignity of a city. In doing so he trusted it would enjoy continued prosperity through all the passing years. Their town was one of the first settlements of the colony, named after ‘the then King of England, whereas Melbourne had been called after a British Prime Minister. However, it would appear that those then in authority regarded the latter as the more important site for settlement of the two than that across the Yarra. Notwithstanding, Williamstown was destined to become one of the greatest naval settlements of the Southern Hemisphere.”