Music to our Ears

Personal Stories of Life in Altona and Laverton
September 11, 2021
I Feel the Earth Move
September 24, 2021

It was in the middle of March this year when member Russell Grant alerted us to the fact that a pianola that had been in his family for over 100 years, much of that time spent at the Truganina Explosives Reserve (50+ years), would soon be in need of a new home.

The Grants lived at the reserve while Bill was manager of the complex and they raised five children there. They were one branch of the greater Grant family, many of whom had a strong connection to the reserve as well as being known throughout the community for their contributions to local councils, businesses, community organisations and Altona Hospital.

Because the pianola has played such a significant role in this prominent Altona family, we couldn’t allow such an iconic piece of Altona history to be lost to our local heritage. Our next project will be to have some repair work carried out so that members and visitors may appreciate its full potential, ‘so stay tuned in’.