1. Aim  – The Collection Policy for Objects will assist the Altona Laverton Historical Society Inc (ALHS) in carrying out its objectives listed in the Statement of Purpose dated 3 September 1997 and managing the Altona Homestead Collection in line with these objectives.
  2. Purpose of the Collection Policy  – The ALHS will collect objects relating to the local area including the following themes:
    2.1 Domestic life
    2.2 Education
    2.3 Local people
    2.4 Recreation and social life
    2.5 Local industry
    2.6 Working life
    2.7 Religion
    2.8 Ethnic groups
    2.9 Services
    2.10 Transport
    2.11 Built environment
  3.  Approval – The ALHS must approve all donations and purchases of objects and materials to become accepted into the historical society. (This approval may best be carried out by an acquisitions committee of the ALHS or by an appointed curator).
  4. Method – Items for the ALHS collection are acquired primarily through donation, though occasionally items may be acquired through purchase, transfer or bequest.
  5. Conditions –
    5.1 The ALHS will not accept conditional donations.
    5.2 The ALHS must be free to display, treat and where necessary deaccession collection material.
    5.3 The ALHS will not accept permanent loans or long-term loans. Temporary loans of up to 12 months may be accepted.
  6.  Collection Criteria – Criteria to be considered before acquiring items for the ALHS collection include:
    6.1 Relevance of the item to the collection;
    6.2 Availability of documentation about the item;
    6.3 Condition of the item;
    6.4 Ability of the society to store the item;
    6.5 Ability of the society to display the item;
    6.6 Duplication of items already in the collection;
    6.7 Legal restrictions relating to the acquisition of the item.
  7. Review – Collection Policy for Objects The ALHS will update the collection policy for objects every three years, or earlier as required.