Altona Hospital Project Overview

Members of the Altona Laverton Historical Society in conjunction with members of the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre have formed a team and have undertaken considerable research into the establishment, life, people, staff and the community that created not just the Altona Community Hospital and then transformed this wonderful building into the Community Centre that you see and enjoy today.

The research has undertaken has to date is involved bringing together artefacts from the Hospital in the form of reports, correspondence, Annual Reports, Newspaper articles, photos of people, events, celebrations and openings.

Our research has also looked at the Doctors, Nurses, Staff Board Members,

Nurse West (L) and Sister Toom (R) checking Operating Theatre Equip 1971

Nurse West (L) and Sister Toom (R) checking Operating Theatre Equip 1971

Ladies Auxiliary members, Local Community group, Local Councilors and State Government areas that all contributed to make the Hospital not just a building providing health care but what can be truly call a ‘Foundation of the Community’. A place built, supported and cared for by the people of the community of Altona.

Our research, to date, has only touched the tip of the iceberg of the story of this great icon of our community and the event that we are holding in November is an invitation to the community to help fill in the gaps with names of people associated our the years, of people born at the hospital, of which estimate to about 13,000, to share their experiences and stories. To the doctors, nurses and staff that made this hospital the heartbeat of  our community please share your tales and stories.

Our aim is to tell the story that is more about the people and community that was the Hospital and what it represented rather than just an historical account of an institution that existed within Altona from 1932 to 1996. It is an exciting journey that we have begun and we are all looking forward to the next part of this project and where it might lead us.

The next twelve months will see us bring together all our research that will then be presented and published into a book that will record an important part of the Altona Community.